Pew Notes W/C 30th April 2012

Apologies for lack of Pew Notes last week, although you may have counted it as a blessed relief. However I’m afraid normal, or what passes for normal, service has now resumed.

Attached is this term’s service list: Consecration Sunday seems to be missing, but I shall hope to furnish you with the details for that nearer the time.

As you know, the French Elections Présidentielles took place on April 22nd, a not insignificant date for the man in charge, and my thanks to all of you who sent Philip Best Wishes for the day.  Only he could manage to fly le drapeau Tricolore from the cathedral flag pole on the Eve of St George’s Day with the Orange Lodge in attendance, and not see anything strange in doing so! Anyway, our partners in the entente cordiale are back this Sunday for round two. So should you find any lost French folk (stripped jerseys and onion strings a bit of a clue), please do direct them to the Bureau De Vote dans La Salle à Manager.

Ok, enough of the French…The Important stuff….

  • Chemin Neuf Prayer Group meets tonight 1st May at 7:30 in the concert room (I think). Anyone who might have been unsure about what Chemin Neuf is about, will hopefully have had their queries answered by the wonderfully thoughtful worship which they led us in throughout Holy Week.  So do please give it a try..For more information contact Revd Tim
  • Also tonight is a Service of Confirmation for the Bootle Deanery at 7:30.  Led by +Richard.  Do please pray for those being confirmed and their families.  Last week saw the very happy return of Dean Rupert in his Episcopal role.  As Canon Myles remarked, he certainly hasn’t lost his touch!
  • Wednesday 2nd May at7pm is the first meeting of this term’s Alpha Course. You may be thinking “why do I need to do an Alpha course?  I’m a practicing Christian and a regular church goer, after all that’s why I’m on this mailing list”, but might I suggest that the clue is in the word practising?  We all practice our faith, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or to become complacent.  So why not give Alpha a try?  See it as a refresher course….or more accurately, a refreshing course, which might help give you a fresh view or attitude to your faith?  Contact Claire Kerrigan ( ) or Canon Richard ( )
  • This Sunday, sees the very welcome return of Bishop Cathy Roskam, the former Bishop Suffragan of New York.  Music is as follows:  

    Holy Communion

           Preacher The Right Reverend Cathy Roskam •  Dove  Missa Brevis   

          Psalm 22. 23 – end   •  Love bade me welcome Vaughan Williams          

         Choral Evensong

         Preacher Canon Michael Wolfe

        Prayer of King Henry  Ley  •  Responses Reading  •   Psalm 96

        Howells Collegium Regale  •  A new song  Macmillan 

Note that our new Mass setting by Jonathon Dove sponsored by Bill Purves is being sung again, so if you missed it on Easter Sunday, it’s an opportunity to hear it with the Gloria, which is wonderful, if tricky for the organist (they can cope!).  Also the Macmillan A New Song, sponsored by Professor and Mrs Gordon Crapper. Yes you’ve guessed it…a passing reminder that opportunities are always available to sponsor a piece of music for the choir. Do speak to David Poulter if you’re interested ( )

  • Monday being a Bank Holiday, there is no Choral Evensong, Evening Prayer will be said in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit at 5:30.  Also for reasons below, there will be no 12:05 Eucharist.  Matins and Eucharist will be said in the lady Chapel at 10:30 Note the time change all you early birds!
  • The reason for the change is that our Associate Organist, Daniel Bishop, is playing the Bank Holiday Recital at 11:15  Dan’s playing: Music for the Royal Fireworks (HWV 351)  -HANDEL, Fantasia in G (BWV 572) –  J.S. BACH, ‘Melody’ & ‘A Trumpet Minuet’ –    HOLLINS,  Nabucco Overture  –    VERDI arr. DJB, Meditation (Three Pieces)  –  CHOVEAUX, Plymouth Suite – WHITLOCK This recital is part of the 2012 Liverpool Organ Day, which continues with a recital at the Metropolitan Cathedral at 3.30pm and concludes with a recital by the City Organist, Ian Tracey, at St George’s Hall at 5.30pm.

There is quite a bit happening over the next few weeks, so rather than subject you all to information overload, I’ll finish there for now.  If you have an item that you’d like me to include in future Pew Notes, please ermail it to me at .

Could I seek your prayers for all who are sick or in need of Christ’s healing at this time, mentioning in particular our Head Interpreter Roy Redman, whose mother passed away on Sunday.

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