Pew Notes W/C 13th May

I noticed on Sunday that the morning and evening notices were different, so am attempting to achieve a degree of parity with this week’s notes.

First to mention that quite apart from 14th May being the feast of St Matthias the Apostle, it is also the first of the three Minor Rogation Days that precede Ascension Day.  These of course being the Rogation Days or the Lesser Litanies, and not to be confused The Major Rogation or Major Litanies of 25th April.  As I’m sure you all know, the word Rogation comes from the Latin Rogare: To ask, and is applied to the days following Rogation Sunday, so called because the Gospel for yesterday is  St John 16:24 “Ask and ye shall receive”, which fails to explain why our lectionary gave us St John 15:9-17 yesterday!  So we should be fasting in preparation for the Feast of the Ascension;  if ordained, we should now abstain from solemnising any marriages until after Trinity Sunday, and if we could but know the bounds of the Cathedral demesne, we should be going out with choir and clergy to give the aforesaid bounds a good beating. I’m sure you all feel better for having that confirmed!

Those of you still awake/reading/yet to delete, will have noticed a passing reference to Ascension Day, which is of course this Thursday 17th May.  There will be the usual Holy Communion at 12:05 and a choral Holy Communion in place of Evensong at 5:30.  Now is the time to sit up straight and pay attention!  As you may be aware the Book of Common Prayer in it’s 1662 format, is celebrating 350 years of continuous use this year.  As a special treat, the 5:30 service will use the full BCP Holy Communion Liturgy (rather than the cut down “shortened” version used at 4pm on Sundays). As if that wasn’t enough to attract your attention and have you booking your pew now, an added attraction is that the Mass setting is Maurice Duruflé’s Con Jubilo Mass, which as a special treat, and to whet your whistles you can hear here: Obviously our choir will make a much better job of it!

Anyway, as if all that were not enough to drive you Cathedralwards on Thursday, as an additional treat, we shall be dedicating the newly installed Lady Chapel lift.  What better day to dedicate a lift? Which brings me to this month’s quiz: Suggest a suitable anthem for the occasion. Obvious contenders being Ascendit Deus, and Out of the Deep.  I shall give a full credit for the more imaginative, so do please feel free to email/Tweet your suggestions.

Other activities this week include:

  • It’s Christian Aid Week, so do please give generously.  If we have any envelopes at the Cathedral, I haven’t seen them.  I shall make enquiries.
  • Chemin-Neuf Prayer Group 15th May 7:30.  This seems to have taken to wandering about a bit, but generally is in the Concert Room, with occasional excursions to the Dining Room, and the Radcliffe Learning Centre.
  • A reminder that Alpha continues to run on Wednesdays at 7. As I understand it, it’s still ok to join this week, but to get the most from the course, it’s best to start from the beginning. If you would like to join this course, or would like further information, contact Clare Kerrigan on 0151 702 7220
  • School of Theology also runs on Wednesdays. 7:30 in the Radcliffe Learning Centre
  • Friday 18th May is “Light Night” across the city, but especially at the Cathedral.  Starting with Choral Evensong, there will be a large number of activities to become involved in, including singing and dance classes. See here for further details or pick up a brochure from the welcome desk

Forward Dates include:

  • 26th May at 7:30, Angel Voices a free concert by the girl choristers of Cologne Cathedral, Metropolitan Cathedral, and our own who sang so well in the Walton Missa Brevis yesterday. There will be a retiring collection. Do please give generously to help meet the costs of the Cologne choir’s visit.  I understand that their hospitality for the two Liverpool girls’ choirs was quite exceptional when they went to sing for the Feast of the Epiphany.
  • Also on 26th May at 12 noon  under the Dulverton Bridge, there’s another free concert, this time by Norwegian choir – Flaktveitgjengen Blandakor
  • Sunday 27th May, being Whit Sunday is our annual “Walk of Witness”, which this year starts at the Metropolitan Cathedral at 3pm, finishing sometime later at Liverpool Cathedral (bring comfy shoes!).  Bishop James is the preacher.  Please Note.  This service is also the principal service of celebration for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.
  • Friday 1st June is the Olympic Torch relay, which will be marked with a relay from the bells of both Cathedrals as the torch passes from the Met to us along Hope Street.  Not too surprisingly Evensong will be replaced by Evening Prayer. I believe the choir are going to perform en plein aire at the West end to welcome the torch relay.

And finally this week.  A useless factoid to impress/irritate your friends, picked up from the French elections last week. Tomorrow, upon his inauguration, François Hollande will also become “Co-Prince of Andorra”, a title he shares with Joan Enric Vives Sicília, Bishop of Urgell in Spain.  Not only does this make Andorra the only state to have co-rulers, neither of whom have been appointed/elected by the populous, indeed the Bishop is appointed by a third head of state; The Pope, but as you will have noticed, both men bear the name of other countries! And on that note..


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