Note from Pew Notes

No time for a full on Pew Notes this week, for which I’m sure you are all profoundly grateful.  However one or two items to remind you of:

 v  Tonight you have two options:

  • Join the Overcrofters and sundry young (and not so young) folk in rehearsal for the Passion Play “This is our Story”, if you either know you’re in it or have emailed Dan Bishop to ask if youcan assist  6:30 Undercroft
  • Join +James for what will be his last major pedagogic venture as Bishop of Liverpool “Lord teach us to pray” explores prayer; why we do it and how we do it. Do please make every effort to attend this series for Lent. Tonight 7:30 main Cathedral and every Thursday between now and Maundy Thursday.

v  Saturday the Cathedral choir are singing Evensong at Manchester Cathedral in a sort of Northern Cathedrals festal Evensong so Evening Prayer will be said at the end of the Mission in the Economy charities fair, which if you’re not in Manchester is well worth attending.

v  Sunday is BWB 9:15 in the Education room. This week is the Book of Ruth SWS  Monday 6:30 in the Concert Room

v  Sunday is also Mothering Sunday so stand by to be assaulted with the seemingly now compulsory bunches of daffs… LENT….don’t get me started Grrrrrrr!

v  70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic Service: A service which I think those us present at the 60th didn’t expect would take place, but it is which is wonderful. There are arrangements for this service, so if you didn’t get the information on Sunday morning, and given Evensong was at the Met in the afternoon, it was just the morning, please email me for the information IF and only IF, you are a regular member of the congregation, and I shall pass on the information you require.  I’m very sorry to have to do it this way, but after I stupidly published details of arrangements for ++Justin’s  enthronement on line, a number of people with little current connection to the Cathedral applied using the information I’d published.  No one has asked me to do this, I just feel very strongly that I don’t want the information in this newsletter to be abused in that way. The principle reason for Pew Notes is to inform the congregation, anything else should be a bonus. Rant over!

v  FOOD BANK Is now called Food Bank+ as Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral have now joined us. People have been incredibly generous with their donations, but please do keep it up. If everyone purchased everything on our list at “Basic/Everyday” level once a month that would cost you £10. Sadly this is obviously going to be a long term initiative, and so continued support is crucial.  We had a wonderful contribution from the Met this week, for which many thanks.  Having taken two sessions to complete the inventory on this week’s combined donations,  could I please put in a plea for the following items which we are running short of: Sugar, Juice, Coffee, Tinned Meat, And Cereals

 Here endeth the notes from Pew notes


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