Reminders for the Weekend 1st/2nd December

I decided to give you a break from Pew Notes this week..a sort of pre Advent pause before the hectic charge towards the big C…..mas, which as we all know starts (and indeed for the purist finishes) on 25th December. However, I feel the need to remind you of a few things this Weekend.
1. Tonight 1st December, the Cathedral Chamber Choir will be performing Messiah in St Peter’s Church, Woolton, which starts at 7:30. All proceeds are going to the Cathedral Foundation. Now I think it’s excellent idea that we take what we do into the Parishes, that’s why I’ve given my time to sing…but tonight the Cathedral will be empty as Stuart Townsend (who he? Ed.) cancelled long enough for the event not to make the “Christmas Events” brochure…. For those of you who have joined the Cathedral Company in the past four/five years, you may not know that the Music Department used to offer Messiah at Christmas and St John/St Matthew Passions on the Eve of Palm Sunday EVERY YEAR…not as a cash making exercise, but as a part of the Cathedral’s worship and devotion. Let’s not kid ourselves, since the Cathedral can’t charge a facility fee, these concerts can never make a profit, so will currently, always have to make way for external events. I just wonder how many of our congregation would have bought a ticket for Stuart Townend, and how many will turn out tonight (poor parking notwithstanding)….Sorry!! Pre advent rant over. DO PLEASE come and support us….rehearsal sounded very good last night.
2. 2nd December is Advent Sunday. Not sure where Holy Communion will be, always used to be at the High Altar with congregation in Presbytery. As of last night there’s no nave Altar out, so we can but hope…Anyway, Darkness to Light starts at 5:30….as it has done for the last three years, but people STILL turn up at 3pm, when the service was more “Daylight to Dusk”! My favourite service of the year by some margin; followed by Maundy Thursday…maybe I have a candle fixation? Note to Clergy, Choristers, and Lay Clerks…remember it’s a long stand, and for Clergy the Copes are heavy, so comfy, non squeaky shoes are required!
3. This weekend is a big push for Food Bank collections. Tesco are offering to add 30% to whatever you donate this weekend. Here’s a video about it. Food Banks are not for the homeless (you can’t cook pasta/rice/ or open a can without a stove + tin opener) but for those really struggling to manage on minimum wage/benefits. Did you know that if you lose your job it can take six weeks to sort out Benefits? In January the rules change so that many people will be losing Benefit entitlement, often people with disabilities. So if you’re out and about this weekend, please do support this work. Every single bag of pasta/ box of cereal/ tin of tuna helps.
4. The Cathedral shop has preserves and other stuff at a 10% discount today…and it’s “sampler Saturday”….Yum!
Happy Advent everyone!
Insert usual disclaimer here…I don’t have any imprimatur from anyone. All opinions and content are my own.

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