Addenda to Pew Notes W/C 19th November

Apologies for yesterday’s confusion. I have set out what should have been there by way of Canon Andrew’s message below. I realised later *memo to self:don’t draft Pew Notes whilst listening to Synod debate at same time…bad for BP AND accuracy* that I had failed to include two links; one on the situation on Goma, as I know many of you are very concerned about the situation there, and one to the Cathedral’s “C” brochure. Those of you who are kind enough to follow these notes regularly, will know of my refusal to contemplate the Mass of Christ before we are supposed to..and thus can I recommend the Cathedral’s “Advent Brochure”?


We are about to go and worship now. G-d has not left us everybody else has. We have just had 119 people killed in two terrible car bombs and you do not see even one line about in any of the international media. Our people are really frightened and feel forgotten. People have started fleeing again in there masses, things are just so bad. People have nothing… All may have left us but our Lord is still here.”
Advent Brochure
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