Pew Notes W/C 19th November

Dear All

As every single Old Gal of St Edmund’s College will know;   It is the Feast of St Edmund the Martyr.  In his teens he visited Hunstanton and was proclaimed king of East Anglia. He sat in a tower learned the Psalms off by heart, and became a wise and just ruler. Unfortunately the Vikings invaded and Edmund had to hide under a bridge, but a passing bride gave him away to Ivar the Boneless. He had him scourged, shot with arrows and beheaded.  His severed head was guarded by a kindly wolf and miraculously reattached itself to his body. He is the patron of pandemics.  It is thought that Ivar the Boneless had osteogenesis imperfecta and was carried about by his warriors on a shield shooting arrows, He had brothers called Sigurd-Snake-in-the-Eye and Hubba.  Revd Richard Coles’ version is somehow much more exciting than the version we were given by Mrs Goodacre at school…I remember having to copy it out “in your best handwriting girls” (don’t remember having a back up every day hand writing) into our RE Notebooks…Those were the days *sighs nostalgically*

And so to this week’s news:

Tonight’s Evensong will be in the Lady Chapel, for reason’s which escape me, unless of course the BBC is setting up in the Chancel.

Chemin-Neuf is not meeting tonight as Fr Tim’s away.  Normal service resumes next week.

Tomorrow, 21st November, School of Theology welcomes the Dean of Liverpool, Pete Wilcox, who will be leading a session on “Jesus and the Four Gospel Writers”.  Fr Tim says: “Pete is a very gifted teacher and a self-confessed “Bible geek”, so I’m sure that you will have a great time with him”.  Fr Tim goes on to say “A reminder too that by way of preparation Pete suggests that you might like to read a chapter from one (or all) of the four Gospels, as follows: John 1, Mark 8, Luke 15, or Matthew 27”…now those of you who were at SOT last week, may remember that the message on “homework” was to read a whole Gospel or at least the Chapters from St John and St Mark.  Having asked The Dean about it last night, it seems we should be in a position to “compare and contrast” all four Gospels….in other words; get your reading glasses on and eyes down now!! for more details or contact Fr Tim.

There will be a service of Choral Evensong on WEDNESDAY 21st November at 3:30pm.  This service is in fact being broadcast live on Radio 3, and will be the first time that our girl choristers have undertaken such a broadcast.  Please note that the BBC require anyone attending to be in their seats no later than 3:15…and the poor long suffering stewards would be extremely grateful if you could be seated somewhat earlier than that please!!  Those of you who were at the rehearsal , oops Evensong on Sunday afternoon, will know that the psalm runs to 46 verses, which is a real treat, and that the tune for the second hymn is not all that well know, and indeed does something a bit odd in the last line…you have been warned!!!  For those of you working from the music list the Canticles are Howells New College setting and not Leighton 2nd Service. Don’t forget, such services tend to attract the CE groupies, who like nothing better than to criticise, so the usual Liverpool welcome to all is definitely required!  Should you know anyone planning a trip to the Cathedral tomorrow, please inform them that in order to ensure optimum conditions for the service, the shop and tower will be closed by 2:30

Thursday 22nd November  there will be a free concert under the Dulverton Bridge by the ‘Húdié Duo’, English born William Cuthbertson (piano), now resident in Germany, and his sister Fiona (“Fiona of the seals”) Middleton (violin, vocals). The duo will play a colourful mixture of classical pieces including ….Bach, Dvorak, Franck and some of their own compositions.

Forward Notice: The Cathedral Chamber Choir will be singing Messiah at St Peter’s Church Woolton; conducted by Simon Macaulay and with David Poulter at the organ.  This concert serves three very important purposes:

  1. The Cathedral finally manage a performance of Messiah, albeit not in the Cathedral, Oh no that would be too much to hope for…Yes this is my annual rant/protest on the removal of Messiah and St John/Matthew Passions from the Cathedral calendar.
  2. We may not be performing in the Cathedral, but we are performing to raise funds for the Cathedral Foundation…I can’t be bothered to point out that you might therefore have expected a fundraiser to take place in the Lady Chapel…please see the rant in point one!
  3. The concert will be giving the good folks of Woolton (that’s Woolton not Walton) and other culturally bereft suburbs *inserts tongue very firmly into cheek* an opportunity to enjoy a performance of Messiah as part of the cathedral’s musical outreach program!!

Messiah A5

Seriously folks, please do support this if you can. I’ve attached a poster for you to download. Please can you print off at least one copy and put it up in your church, workplace etc?

We haven’t had a caption competition for a few weeks. I’ve been spoilt for choice over a certain appointment, however on reflection, it had to be this one….now before you all leap in with your suggestions a small note of caution, especially to all those of you in clerical collars who have no desire to have the same felt….the man in the middle is now our BOSS….I know,  hard to accept that the man who abseiled down the West front before addressing us all through a megaphone is ABCD but there it is: and so without further waffle I give you this week’s always try and keep your suggestions clean, this is a family blog:

In our prayers at this time: All those known to us who are in need of our prayer and support; thinking especially at this time:

  • General Synod as they meet to today to vote, not as everyone thinks on Women Bishops, but actually on the provisions to be made for those within the CofE who cannot in conscience accept women as Bishops…that is the sticking point.  Pray that the members of synod vote and debate in Love and with Grace.  
  • Those witnessing to Christ in war zones and other areas of conflict; thinking especially at this time of Revd Deserrié, his family and all those he ministers to in Goma,  with reports yesterday of a massive increase in the conflict there.  Revd Canon Andrew White and his beleaguered congregation and staff at St George’s Baghdad.  Andrew emailed on Sunday as follows:  We are about to go and worship now. G-d has not left us everybody else has. We have just had 119 people killed in two terrible car bombs and you do not see even one line about in any of the international media. Our people are really frightened and feel forgotten. People have started fleeing again in there masses, things are just so bad. People have nothing… All may have left us but our Lord is still here.”
  • Justin, Caroline and family as they prepare for yet another move, and for Justin’s new role as leader of the 77 million people within the Anglican Communion
  • Those who are yet to encounter  God’s love, that they might find a welcome in our midst, and be encouraged to discover the joy of God’s gift to us all through the love of His son Jesus Christ
  • All those within the criminal justice system, both those who work with offenders, and the offenders themselves.  It is Prisons Week this week, so we pray especially for all those imprisoned, their partners, parents, and children
  • The faithful departed and those they have left behind; especially in this season of remembrance, including Sue Yoosawi and her family as they mourn the loss of her father, Revd Fisher.  Also the families of servicemen and women lost in the service of their country.
  • Struggling with life’s vicissitudes; loss of employment, liberty, shelter, freedom
  • searching for God, that they might know His presence in their lives,
  • Coping with illness or the illness of a loved one
  • For whom freedom of faith is denied

Do please email me should you have anything you wish to be included in next week’s notes; or of course if you have an inevitable errata /addenda to this week’s


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The boring disclaimer bit:

Tis I, Nädine Daniel who writes, produces, and disseminates the Pew Notes.  I do so without any imprimatur from the Dean and Chapter, the Cathedral or indeed anyone else.  Just me…as I hope would have been clear, any comments made, opinions offered are also my own. Likewise it must equally obviously follow that any sins of omission or commission are also mine, and mine alone: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxmima Reverentia Culpa. Should you no longer wish to receive these musings, please email me and say so.

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