Pew Notes W/C 17th September

First the usual apologies….yes I know these are a day late….I went to Costa Coffee in Ormskirk yesterday, purchased obligatory Espresso, only to discover their WiFi was down (grrr)…However the silver lining to this particular cloud is that I shall have to do the whole thing on my Raspberry, so perforce they shall be sort (huzza!!).
So…the Prologue (that dates me!)
Habemus Papam Ooops Decam…bit carried away there.  There’s lots of photos on the Cathedral’s flicker feed and Facebook page, from which I have stolen (mea culpa) this month’s caption competition.  In honour of such a momentous event as the Installation of our new Dean (after all it only happens once every four years or so!) I’ve given you a choice of two…please remember this is a family newsletter, so keep any “what the Dean said to the Bishops” jokes clean please!           







Just worked out that if you count the last year of Dean Patey’s incumbency, we’ve notched up five Deans (and four installations) since the last Preston Guild, whilst we’ve had just two Bishops! Place your bets now on how long it will be before Dean Pete becomes a Bishop like his Dad!!  If Saturday’s sermon is any indication, not that long.
Whilst in a congratulatory frame of mind, and talking of former Deans….congratulations to +Justin and Caroline, who became first time grandparents to Charlotte Johanna Christine Welby yesterday.  Rachel and Charlotte are doing well, I have no information on how Tim is!!

And so to this week’s news:
It is the Feast of St Joseph of Copertino, the Flying Friar. A 16th Century  Italian Franciscan so obtuse he was nicknamed the Gaper. He was ordained by mistake but not long after began to hover miraculously over processions and dignitaries. Once he did this after kissing the feet of Pope Urban VIII, which irritated his superiors, who crossly ordered him down from the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.  He was sent away eventually into a sort of house arrest. According to Revd Richard Coles he’s the patron saint of examinees, having been rather stupid, but passing all his exams as he was miraculously only asked questions he knew the answers to! Other “proper” saints are available.
The music list is now available (see last week’s Pew Notes)…however, should I have a free hand with the music for tonight’s Evensong, the music would include: Howells’ Siciliano for a High Ceremony pre service voluntary, introit: Jubilate Deo ,Gabrieli, Psalm 48 We wait for thy loving kindness O Lord music by William McKie, Anthem(s): Haec Dies Byrd, Coelos Ascendit Hodie CV Stanford, with Sinfonia from Cantata 29 JS Bach + Grand Choeur Dialogue Gigot (ok we had that on Saturday) as closing voluntaries…those of you who’s memories stretch back to nineteen years ago will know why!

This week the Cathedral is hosting the Head Vergers Conference, so we all need to be on our very best behaviour…just imagine dozens of people almost as scary as Tracey!

Tonight (Tuesday 18th September) 7:30 sees the start of this term’s Chemin-Neuf Prayer group, which meets in the Concert Room. 

Tonight’s Pastoral Care Course HAS BEEN CANCELLED as Canon Cynthia is still a bit under the weather.  Watch this space for details of when it will take place.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 19th September at 7pm in the Concert Room sees the start of this term’s  Alpha Course, led by Canon Richard. Please contact him or Clare Kerrigan for further details, or just turn up tomorrow.

CHRISTMAS CHARITIES: the four Charities to be supported by the Cathedral this year will be selected by the Cathedral Company Committee at its next meeting on 30th September.  We select two local and two national/international charities.  I have had some suggestions (Children’s Society, Water Aid to name but two), but if you would like to put forward a suggestion for the committee to consider, please can you email either a committee member (such as me) or my other half  

BOOK CLUB: Next month’s Book Club will take place on Tuesday 16th October in our new very compact and bijou location; the staff room.  We certainly got to know each other very well indeed last week.  However, the perennial problem of trying to pass the nibbles across the vast expanse of the table in the Dean’s Office, has certainly been eliminated!!  Anyway, I am guilty of causing unintentioned confusion (surely not?) Apparently there is a new translation of next month’s book by a female writer. I looked this up on Amazon and came up with “Homer’s Odyssey” by Gwen Cooper, which as those in the book club who like to read ahead have pointed out, is about a blind cat rather than an historical saga written by a blind author.  So, for the avoidance of any doubt, next month’s book is “The Odyssey” by Homer. The cheapest option is a second hand copy of the Penguin Classics edition translated by E V Rieu, which got me through it in school anyway, but feel free to use whichever translation you’re most comfortable with, or if you’re very clever, read it in the original!! We were able to welcome two more new members this month, so do feel free to pop along, we’re a friendly disparate bunch (honest).  Please don’t feel that you have to commit to attending every month.

TREASURED: still time to book your tickets for this amazing piece of theatre that incorporates the Cathedral as something more than just a backdrop.  See the  Cathedral website for further information  and booking details.

School of Theology starts again with our very own Fr Tim in charge as Tom Wilson has taken up a new post. First term of ten weekly 2 hour lectures is entitled “Jesus and the Bible” and starts on 26th September in the Radcliffe Learning Centre. See for more details or contact Fr Tim.

In our prayers at this time: continuing to pray for Dean Pete, Cathy and their family as they start work on the many challenges ahead.  +Justin and Caroline and baby Charlotte, Tim and Rachel,  Canon Cynthia’s speedy recovery, All those known to us who are in need of our prayer and support; thinking especially at this time of those:

  • Starting a new school, college or university as they cope with new challenges, environments and faces
  • Witnessing to Christ in war zones and other areas of conflict; thinking especially at this time of Revd Deserrié, his family and all those he ministers to in Goma, Revd Canon Andrew White and his beleaguered congregation and staff at St George’s Bagdad  
  • Struggling with life’s vicissitudes; loss of employment, liberty, shelter, freedom
  • searching for God, that they might know His presence in their lives, especially those starting the Alpha course this week.
  • Coping with illness or the illness of a loved one
  • For whom freedom of faith is denied

I’m still looking after my father in Ormskirk, so I’m still not able to be around as much, so I expect the fervent acclamations of  Deo Gratias continue to rebound the walls! However, I do hope to be around occasionally, sorry about that. Should you have any information for inclusion in the notes, please email me.


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The boring disclaimer bit:

Tis I, Nädine Daniel who writes, produces, and disseminates the Pew Notes. I do so without any imprimatur from the Dean and Chapter, the Cathedral or indeed anyone else. Just me…as I hope would have been clear, any comments made, opinions offered are also my own. Likewise it must equally obviously follow that any sins of omission or commission are also mine, and mine alone: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxmima Reverentia Culpa. Should you no longer wish to receive these musings, please email me and say so.


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