Pew Notes W/C 10th Spetmeber 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to open your inbox…the Pew Notes are back!! So that’s the bad news. Good news is that at the moment I have NO INTERNET ACCESS!! So this will be a very Espresso Pew Notes…i.e. the time it takes me to slowly drink an espresso in Costa Coffee in Ormskirk and use their Wi-Fi.

During the summer we have lost two stalwarts of our community as they depart to pastures new. Marie Binz, who I believe was our first French national steward, having gained her PhD, has returned to France, but she will be keeping in touch.  So Bon Chance et Bon Voyage Marie.  Secondly we also lost Canon Jules Gomes. Obviously the attraction of the kippers, the TT, and laxer gun ownership regulations, proved too much of a temptation for our astonishingly multi talented Dwelly-Raven Canon, as he hit the high seas last Sunday and departed for the Isle of Man.  If the members of his new congregation visiting yesterday are anything to go by, he’s not going to be short of admirers; but then as last Sunday demonstrated, the congregation here also appreciated his many gifts. We wish him every blessing in his new appointments.

Sadly, the summer also brought news of the death of Joan Holland, a much respected and long serving member of our congregation. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

This week is far busier than a first week of term should be, so hold on to your hats, here is the news:

  • Book Club is at 7pm tonight 10th September in the staff room, please note new location
  • The Cathedral will host the full disclosure to bereaved families of the Hillsborough Independent Panel on 12th September. To enable the Panel to do so sensitively and respect fully the privacy of the families we are unable to offer our usual visitors welcome. The Tower and Audio Tour Attraction, the Shop, Welsford Restaurant and Mezzanine Café will all be closed. Visitors will not be able to walk freely around to view our magnificent building. We will however, have access to a small side chapel for private prayer. I’m not sure what implications this may/may not have for Evensong tomorrow Tuesday 11th September. Assume it will be as usual unless I email otherwise.
  • 13th-16thSeptember in The Well is the Liverpool Life Photography completion.  Do have a look and cast your vote (preferably before 1pm Saturday see below)
    • The Cathedral is proud to host one of the opening events for this year’s Liverpool Biennial. The UK premiere of Rhys Chatham’s acclaimed ‘A Crimson Grail’ promises to be a stunning performance of this epic composition.  A Crimson Grail, due to its huge scale has only previously been performed twice, once at the 2009 Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival in New York and at the 2007 première during Nuit Blanche at Sacré-Cœur in Paris. See for further information…basically it involves about 200 guitars… I believe ear plugs are provided!
    • And Now *Drum Roll*the main event of the year, next year, year after that….then he’ll be nabbed and become a Bishop like the last one!! The service you’ve all been awaiting with breath that can only best be described as baited…..The Installation of Revd Dr Pete Wilcox as Seventh Dean of Liverpool.  I gather that unlike December 2007, the service will take a mere one hour fifteen minutes.  So no need for the cushions we all wished we’d brought to the last one!.  I’m feeling old…this will be my fourth installation service, and Dean Pete is humph, cough, not that much older than my good self.  Anyhow, if you do have a ticket PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING IT WITH YOU….if you don’t, now might be a good time to grovel to Clare Kerrigan, I believe cake is always welcome in the Dean’s Office!! Obviously because there’s a great deal of preparation for this service, access to the Cathedral and Lady Chapel will be very limited.  Saturday is definitely not the day to bring the relatives/guests for a tower visit or quiet lunch and a look around. There will be the usual 12:05 Holy Communion, but if you’re not coming to the service (why not?), best to postpone your visit.  Car Parking is also suspended.  If you are attending, do please aim to be seated by 2:15, if only so as to avoid being mown down by the various processions, which will start at 2:20.  Plenty of Organ music to listen to (free concert really) played by the organist of Lichfield and our own Daniel Bishop.  Goes without saying that  a special  Liverpool welcome from all of us to all our visitors from Lichfield and beyond will follow, as I know none of you need to be reminded of that (see Canon Myles’ sermon from Sunday Morning should you need a reminder)
    • This term’s music list is attached.

Other notices:

  • Chemin-Neuf Prayer group starts again 7:30 18th September in the Concert Room
  • Also starting on 18th September  is the first of a three part course on Pastoral Care, for all who care for people involved in Church Communities.  6:15 in the Radcliffe learning Centre.  Please contact Canon Cynthia for further details
  • School of Theology starts again with our very own Fr Tim in charge as Tom Wilson has taken up a new post.  First term of ten weekly 2 hour lectures is entitled “Jesus and the Bible” and starts on 26th September in the Radcliffe Learning Centre.  See for more details or contact Fr Tim.

In our prayers at this time: Dean Pete, Cathy and their family as they prepare for his Installation and the many challenges ahead.  All those known to us who are in need of our prayer and support; thinking especially at this time of those:

  • Starting a new school, college or university as they cope with new challenges, environments and faces
  • Struggling with life’s vicissitudes; loss of employment, liberty, shelter, freedom
  • Coping with illness or the illness of a loved one
  • For whom freedom of faith is denied

I’m currently looking after my father in Ormskirk, so my irritating presence will be perforce somewhat restricted, for which you have my permission to shout a profound Deo Gratias! However, I do hope to be around occasionally, sorry about that.  Should you have any information for inclusion in the notes, please email me.  


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The boring disclaimer bit:

Tis I, Nädine Daniel who writes, produces, and disseminates the Pew Notes. I do so without any imprimatur from the Acting Dean and Chapter, the Cathedral or indeed anyone else. Just me…as I hope would have been clear, any comments made, opinions offered are also my own. Likewise it must equally obviously follow that any sins of omission or commission are also mine, and mine alone: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxmima Reverentia Culpa. Should you no longer wish to receive these musings, please email me and say so.




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