Pew Notes W/C 9th July

After a plethora of masculine saints I’m happy to relate that today is  the Feast of Saint Veronica Giuliani.  Aged only eighteen months her first words were uttered to a shopkeeper who gave short-measure she became a nun, received the stigmata, floated up to the ceiling and when made Abbess installed decent plumbing . On her death bed she drew a diagram of where the imprints of the instruments of the Lord’s Passion would be found on her heart.  When they looked they were indeed there though they’d moved around a bit.

After a mild rebuke from Canon Michael (is our very own living saint capable of anything graver than a mild rebuke?) as to the appalling length of last week’s Pew Notes…a rare, nay possible unique attempt at brevity (mark it in your diaries!). 

Yet more huge congratulations to another congregational brain box.  Steward (quite possibly the first ever French National to be one) Marie Binz has been awarded a PhD in Bio-Mechanics…. No I don’t know what it is either, but I think it does involve being very, very clever.  Like Tobi Olabanji, Marie will receive her Doctorate on July 19th Should anyone know of any other graduations to be celebrated, please let me know. 

Pew Notes: As promised these will be short (I hope) Doing the best I can (see disclaimer below!)  Activities this week include:  

  • PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!! OK calm down!  You are all invited to a “Bring and Share” PICNIC…now if ever there was an example of the triumph of hope over experience…with current Biblical flood conditions…however, should the weather permit this will take place behind the Close, and if not in the Western Rooms…Oops, sorry!!  Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Suit (OK hands up who still calls john Lewis, George Henry Lee? Thought so!!)…there will be that wonderful instrument of torture for adults everywhere, a bouncy castle, and a barbeque will be available should you wish to bring sausages, beef burgers, or whole sides of beef in the case of the Lay Clerks.  Do please come if you can.
  • Evensong will be in the Choir Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Wednesday is The Feast of St Benedict of Nursia, Patron Saint of Monastiscm and Europe…so he’s probably getting a lot of complaints from Spain, Portugal and Greece right now.  Seriously “proper” saint.  If you don’t have one, can I suggest reading his “rule”, which is a set of daily readings and bits of advice for how to live your life.  I love that when he wrote it he divided it up so that the even days of the month were rules for blokes and the odd (very) days for girls.  Friday’s Evensong will be in the Lady Chapel (Men’s Voices)  
  •  There will be  a Chemin-Neuf Prayer Group this week at 7:30 in the concert room I believe.
  • JMU Graduations continue all week…and as the weather is poor, we can expect to find many lingering after their graduation for proud family to take 1,000’s of photos.
  • Evensong will be as usual on Saturday at 3pm
  • Sunday 15th July, being the 108th anniversary of the Laying of the Foundation Stone, and the 88th Anniversary of the Consecration, Festal Service details are as follows:
  • 10:30 Holy Communion Setting is Leyton Missa Brevis (yes I have taken a copy home to learn it!), and the Motet is Behold the Tabernacle, Harris.  We’re having a “cathedral Old Boys” preachers day, with Revd Canon Huw Thomas (ex us, Addis Abiba, Cairo, and Peshawar) preaching at this service.
  • 3pm Choral Evensong The Preacher will be Very Revd Mark Boyling, Dean of Carlisle, and the music will be: Introit Locus Iste Bruckner (what else on Consecration Sunday?), Canticles: Blair in B Minor (no not the toothy ex pm!), Anthem: Let all the World Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • NB Both services will be sung by the Cathedral Choir and the Cathedral Chamber choir.  Many thanks to everyone who supported last Saturday’s Choral concert.  I think a very good time was had by all, and those I’ve spoken too have been very complimentary about it.

Forward listing:

  • Book Club will meet in the Dean’s Office (for the last time gulp, sob) on Tuesday, 17th July at 7pm.  This is the last meeting of term, and the book under discussion is “Dr Thorn” by Anthony Trollop, the third in the Barchester series, which means that Book Club has been going for three years!!  The September meeting (“Tale of Two Cities…well we had to do some Dickens in his Bicentenary year I suppose) will be on 11th September, and will take place in the Staff room.  Please note change of venue…we’re going to miss the Dean’s Office with its nice big table!!  Do please come along.  We can promise a wide range of books, and even wider ranging discussions!!
  • Renewal of last week’s personal plug  that The Coventry Road Singers (was there ever a less euphonious name for a choir?) are going to be performing Ralph Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony at Liverpool Parish Church on Saturday 21st July at 7:30.  Conducted by Richard Miller, the choir will contain many familiar faces from the Cathedral Choir, Chamber Choir, and Youth Choir, and it will be well worth coming along to.  Please do purchase your tickets in advance if possible.
  • Daniel Bishop has very kindly sent me a list of all the visiting Choirs for the summer, but in the interests of brevity, and so that I have something to write about, I’ll let you have the details next week.

In Our Prayers this week:

Our Dean Designate Revd Canon Pete Wilcox, Cathy and their sons, as they move up to our fair city.  So if you see a tall guy looking hot, cross, lost, bothered and bewildered…it’s probably our new Dean.  Those known to us who are ill including the Family of Mary Reynolds during her very long stay in hospital and as she starts Chemo treatment, Neville & Beryl Wade’s Daughter as she recovers from an heart attack, Alan Matthews, who was back looking remarkable fit last Sunday, as he continues with his post operative recovery, Revd Canon Dr Shannon Ledbetter who reports that she is now making steady progress, albeit still with a liquid only diet.  Also Kate Walters and family.  All others known to us.  Giving thanks for all those working hard to achieve stuff on our behalf at General Synod.  [As I type the news is that the vote on Women Bishops has been adjourned, which is all a bit of an anti climax.  Don’t understand how they can’t see, having voted to make Racism an unfrockable clerical offence, that sexism and homophobia should be no different…..Now that is very much my very own personal opinion!!]

If you know of someone to be included on the prayer list please let me know.


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The boring disclaimer bit:

Tis I, Nädine Daniel who writes, produces, and disseminates the Pew Notes.  I do so without any imprimatur from the Acting Dean and Chapter, the Cathedral or indeed anyone else.  Just me…as I hope would have been clear, any comments made, opinions offered are also my own.  Likewise it must equally obviously follow that any sins of omission or commission are also mine, and mine alone: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxmima Reverentia Culpa.  Should you no longer wish to receive these musings, please email me and say so.




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