Addenda to Pew Notes W/C 18th June

Well I’ve managed to avoid any for the last couple, even if only by cheating with an extended Web version last week!
So…. Evensong tomorrow (Thursday) will be in the Lady Chapel. I think there might be a bit of a do on in the Nave. If it’s anything like as spiritual an experience as Monday’s, well worth turning up for (of course ES is ALWAYS worth turning up for!).
If you do attend, don’t miss the opportunity to see the “Burstall” organ (on your left at the bottom of the stairs, see attached pic). This was the organ played by the first organist of the Cathedral; Frederick Burstall at the laying of the foundation stone 19th July 1904, and has returned to the Cathedral having been bequeathed by the late John Burstall, who many of you will have known.
The Texan choir are NOT singing Friday, so the Cathedral choir will sing as per the music list ie All Purcell.
I learnt last night (do please contact me if you would like something mentioned in the Pew Notes) that our very own Sue Yoosawi has had some of her work included in the 151st Annual Exhibition of The Society of Women Artists, which opens 27th June (closes 7th July) at the Mall Galleries, The Mall London SW1. I think we all have a reasonable idea where that is? Clue: there’s a large des res at one end and a socking big arch at the other! If you, or anyone you know, is in London, do pop along and support Sue and her fellow artists. Huge congratulations to Sue for this recognition of her very talented work.
I should have pointed out the suffering of our Dean Designate on September 15th…not only will he have the stress of his Installation as Dean, knock ’em dead sermon to deliver, hundreds of faces and names coming at him from all corners, unfamiliar liturgy etc, etc…but also the pain of knowing that even as all this is happening, his beloved Newcastle will be kicking off at Goddison: thus not only missing one of two opportunities to see them play next season, but also having (hopefully) to endure yet another drubbing from Everton (3-1 on the last day of the last season). Hopefully our warm welcome will go some way to assuage his grief!
Anyway, and finally; my Twitter feed brought this from Revd Richard Coles this morning…..I don’t know where he’s finding them. Obviously running a large Parish and being a Radio four broadcaster leaves him with far too much time on his hands! For what it’s worth it is apparently the day to remember “Blessed Maragetha Ebner. She was a 14th Century nun and mystic, who, rather pathetically, gave up fruit as a mortification. She also had a peculiar devotion to Our Lord’s Circumcision, which talked to her. And she was famous for sweating buckets.” So we can all go forth into the world today all better for knowing that.

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