Pew Notes W/C 10th June

Pew Notes W/C 10th June

Huzzar!  Pew Notes ahead of schedule, now there’s a first!  I put it down to being inspired by the energy and fortitude of our gracious Sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (just don’t get me started on the BBC Coverage!)

Huge congratulations to Al and Shirley Collins this weekend as they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on today with a Blessing at the High Altar.

Congratulations to, to all those Ordained to the Priesthood in a wonderfully affirming, if marathon length (two & half hours), service.

Activities this week include:

  • Tomorrow 11th June is the Feast day of Barnabas the Apostle, and at 7:30 will be Fr Tim’s first celebration of Holy Communion.  This will be a choral service, if a little different from usual.  It will include a congregational setting of the Propers of the Mass, and no it’s not Merbecke!!  There is a “bit of a do” afterwards, with an opportunity to meet up again with the members of the Chemin-Neuf Community, who did such a brilliant job leading our Holy Week Reflections and services.
  • There will be no Choral Evensong Monday 11th June to Saturday 16th June.  Evening Prayer will take place in the Chapter House at the usual time instead.
  • Yet another important 12:05 Holy Communion on Thursday 14th June…well actually the office of Holy Communion is always very important….however this coming Thursday, Holy Communion will take place in the Lady Chapel and will be a celebration of the twenty fifth anniversary of the ordaining of women to the Deaconate.  Now here I feel is the time to come clean….yes folks this is my mea culpa moment…..for twenty two and an half of those twenty-five years, I could not in conscious, accept the sacramental ministry of women within the church.  Nothing much to do with the usual arguments in respect of apostolic succession, since I had always accepted that Our Lord had female disciples; more a theological blockage!!  Anyway, I thought that I should take the opportunity of this the silver jubilee of women’s ordination to apologise to all those good women out there who carried on.  I was wrong; sorry.
  • Sunday 17th June the choir return from their extended break, and the preacher at Holy Communion is Canon Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons; now if ever a woman had had to, and indeed continues to, overcome prejudice it is Canon Hudson-Wilkin.
  • The latest brochure is out now, you can read it here:

Forward Planning:

  •  Tuesday 19th June 1:30 is the school leavers Holy Communion with the Bishop of Liverpool preaching
  • Also on 19th June at 7pm in the Dean’s Office is Cathedral Book Club. This month’s book is  “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett…you’ve seen the film…now read the book.
  • Thursday 21st June at 12:05 Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel will be SUNG ….now that doesn’t happen very often! Yet another in our Thursday series of  extra special Holy Communions…this one will be sung by the Richmond Children’s Choir  (as in Richmond Virginia USA, not Surrey)  
  •   Not content with one choir from the USA (we have none of our own?)  the following evening  22nd June, Choral Evensong will apparently be sung by the Choir of St Martin’s, Houston, Texas, USA.  If you have spotted a note of uncertainty creeping in, it is because Cathedral Life states the above information, but the Website mentions it not, simply giving the Cathedral Choir’s music as listed for that night…..should anyone know more, please let me know what the situation is.
  • Saturday June 23rd is a BIG day for a great many people.  First it’s the wedding of Beth Wright, daughter of our Lay Clerk Graham and his wife Faye, Granddaughter of  former Cathedral Canon Treasurer Canon Winstanley. THEN it’s a big Choral Evensong for all lovers of the Book of Common Prayer (you mean there are people out there who don’t like it?) at 3pm….AND as if that were not enough, following Evensong there will be auditions of potential boy and girls choristers (see for information and application form). So if you know any potential young choristers out there, do please encourage them to give it a go.

In Our Prayers this week:

Fr Tim Watson  and all those Ordained Priest today….I’m  using “Ordination” rather than “Consecration”  as some seemed to find the use of the word unorthodox; and I can ill afford any further accusations of heretical conduct unbecoming a member of the congregation.  I know I’m theologically correct, nuff said!

Those known to us who are ill including Neville & Beryl Wade’s Daughter as she recovers from an heart attack, Revd Canon Dr Shannon Ledbetter as she recovers from surgery, Alan Matthews as he recovers from by pass surgery,  Canon John Roberts, and Kate Walters and family.

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The boring disclaimer bit:

Tis I, Nädine Daniel who writes, produces, and disseminates the Pew Notes.  I do so without any imprimatur from the Acting Dean and Chapter of Liverpool, the Cathedral or indeed anyone else.  Just me…as I hope would have been clear, any comments made, opinions offered are also my own.  Likewise it must equally obviously follow that any sins of omission or commission are also mine, and mine alone: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxmima Reverentia Culpa.  Should you no longer wish to receive these musings, please email me and say so.




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