Pew Notes W/C 29th May

First the usual abject apologies for non appearance of Pew Notes.  I am choosing not to offer tardy excuses or apologies; some of you are aware of my current situation, let’s leave it at that.

I have been asked to make the following clear, if not already, and am happy to do so:

  • Tis I, Nädine Daniel who writes, produces, and disseminates the Pew Notes.  I do so without any imprimatur from the Acting Dean and Chapter, the Cathedral or indeed anyone else.  Just me…as I hope would have been clear, any comments made, opinions offered are also my own.
  • Likewise it must equally obviously follow that any sins of omission or commission are also mine, and mine alone: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxmima Reverentia Culpa.
  • Information contained within the Pew Notes comes from the following sources:
    • Notices either verbal or written as published on the service sheets for the Sunday Services
    • Cathedral Music list
    • Cathedral website
    • Cathedral Life
    • Cathedral Diary as found in the staff room
    • Sundry snippets kindly passed on either wittingly or unwittingly by Clergy and staff
    • BCP/CW/Lectionary and Pillar Lectionary
    • Various theological/liturgical tomes (Parson’s Handbook etc) for some of those more arcane and I hope, occasionally mildly amusing snippets of information.
    • Having read all the above; should your email address have been provided to me in error, or more likely, you’re fed up with the trivia, inanity, inaccuracy, or all of the above; here’s what to do, Either:
      • Press reply and type “UNSUBSCRIBE” together with your name.  This will enable me to locate your email address and remove you in the twinkling of an eye, but without the last trumpet
      • Email me at and type “UNSUBSCRIBE” together with your name etc as above

In the highly unlikely event of you having read this via my webpage  and wish to receive it in weekly email format, then please feel free to contact me at the above email address with your name and email address.  Simples!!

Those of you still awake/reading/yet to delete, will have noticed that as yet there have been no actual Pew Notes…So without further ado.

Huge congratulations to Hannah Williams and her husband Lay Clerk David Williams, on the arrival on Saturday 26th May of a beautiful baby daughter; Emily Catherine.  David’s daughter Grace is already a stalwart of the girl’s choir, so not too long before her sister joins too!!

Congratulation too to Revd Fr Dr Kevin Kelly, a regular “mid weeker” at Evensong. Fr Kevin is a leading Moral Theologian, always a risky profession in the Roman Catholic, or indeed any Church these days.  Anyway Fr Kevin has published a book timed to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II called “50 Years Of Receiving Vatican II: A Personal Odyssey”.  Those of you interested in the ecumenical movement might like to read Chapter five on St Basil and All Saints. Those interested in equality and fairness might like to dip into most of the rest of the book, but especially Chapters 20-22.  Available from St Paul’s Book Shop

Birthday Congratulations this week go to Flora Collingwood (31st May)

The Winner of the Ascension Day/Lift Quiz was Derek Collins, who was streets ahead with a number of responses.  I disqualified my suggestion of “Out of the Deep” on the grounds of undue pessimism.  The BCP Holy Communion was wonderful, as was the Missa Con Jubilo and the Francis Grier Now the Son of Man. Congratulations to all concerned.  One young person (as in sub twenty), was so impressed  that she returned to her Parish and demanded of the Incumbent why that sort of thing couldn’t be done in Bootle.

Activities this week include:

  • Don’t forget to sign the Big Thank You Card for Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Fidei Defensatrix.
  • Thursday 31st May is the last Choral Evensong sung by  the Cathedral Choir before they start their well earned half term break, which allows their nearest and dearest to reacquaint themselves with what they look like!!  It is also the Feast of the Visitation of  the BVM to Elizabeth
  • Friday 1st June Feast of Justin Martyr at Rome AD 165.  The Olympic Torch relay reaches Liverpool passing both Cathedrals.  To follow its progress along Hope Street, the bells of the Metropolitan Cathedral will start ringing at five o’clock as the torch passes in front of the Met, to be joined by our bells as the torch passes along Hope Street.  For further info see  There will be no Choral Evensong on Friday, although the choir are singing something to greet the torch (Light of the World, Come on Baby light my fire?); instead Revd Tim Watson has organised the following: “On Friday 1 June we are having an ecumenical service instead of Evening Prayer, at which church leaders from Liverpool and Bolton (including the Bishops of Warrington and  Bolton together with a number of free church pastors) will be passing on an Olympic prayer baton that is accompanying the torch on its journey around the country.  The service will be a bit more informal than we are used to, and will be held in the main space where the Nave Altar usually is.  We’ll begin with a time of informal sung worship at 5.30 and then the more formal part of the service will be at 5.45.”
  • There will be no Choral Evensong on Saturday 2nd June [see “breaking news” below though]
  • Services on Sunday 3rd June, Trinity Sunday (hence font colour) will be sung by the choir of St John’s College Southsea, Hampshire, led by their DOM Keith Ellison Knowles
  • W/C June 4th all 5:30 services will be said Evening Prayer…..However, may I point you to Thursday June 7th?  Now old curmudgeons such as myself, will know and believe, and indeed continue to refer  to  this as the Feast of Corpus Christi.  Apparently the linguistic ‘ealth and safety elves have taken offence at this outrageous use of Latin…I mean LATIN…it’s so wrong, well actually it’s right….anyway as is the way of Common Worship, it has been (badly) translated as “The Day Of Thanksgiving For Holy Communion” or “why use two words when  seven will do”?  However, just this once, and just this once mind, it is very much a day to indulge in a day of thanksgiving by attending a service of Holy Communion, because 7th June marks the Diamond Jubilee of the Consecration to the Priesthood of our very own Revd Geoffrey Davies.  So if you can, do please come along to the 12:05 Holy Communion and celebrate this milestone of a life well spent in the service of God.
  • Sunday 10th June is the Ordination of Priests, including our very own Revd Tim Watson, so do please attend and support him and his fellow Deacons.  The Choir will interrupt their holiday to sing the services on 10th June
  • Monday 11th June  at 7:30 Revd Fr Tim Watson will celebrate his first holy Communion…so do please try and attend if you can.

Finally those of you who thought you found a typo  on page 22 of Cathedral Life (as if!!); you didn’t.  Obviously “the joint service with the Metropolitan Cathedral to celebrate both Pentecost and the Queens Jubilee” is not and example of a greengrocer’s apostrophe (as in missing) but makes the point that this year is also the Ruby Jubilee to mark Her Majesty Queen Margreth II’s  40th anniversary of her accession to the Danish throne in 1972.  We all knew that didn’t we?  For those of you at either/both Cathedrals on Sunday, I think we can all agree that it was an amazing and wonderful service.  For those of you musically inclined, the antiphonal singing of the “Vivats” in Parry’s  I Was glad, with the Cologne Choir on the Dulverton Bridge and the Liverpool Choirs in the Chancel, was very definitely a spine tingling event….Decanal installation for a repeat perhaps?

……some two hours after this was sent out, the inevitable correction came my way.

Well, they wouldn’t be the Pew Notes if I got everything right. So…Mea Culpa to the youth choir.  The music list  (both hard copy and that available on the website) shows said Evening Prayer in the Chapter House…however I’ve just had this from Nick Basson

Hi Nadine,

Hate to criticise when you have so carefully outlined your sources but actually there is a special jubilee weekend Choral Evensong on Saturday 2nd June. The Youth Choir are singing it, directed by Stuart and accompanied by Dan:

Sound the trumpets and drums

Clucas responses

Sumsion in A

Zadok the Priest

Jubilee hymns and a special introit composed by our very own Richard Miller!

It’d be great if you and some of your readers could be there so feel free to pass this on!”

Tis done! Do please attend and support our Youth Choir…maybe we could sing along quietly with the Zadok??

In Our Prayers this week:

Revd Tim Watson as he prepares for his Consecration as Priest

All those either completing exams, awaiting results, marking papers, or travelling home at the end of term.

Those known to us who are ill including Neville & Beryl Wade’s Daughter as she recovers from an heart attack, Alan Matthews as he recovers from by pass surgery, and Kate Walters and family.


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