Pew Notes W/C 12th March

Dear All

Well I hope we’ve all managed to return to what passes for normal after all the excitement of last week?  Because there is quite a bit going on this week, and you wouldn’t want to miss it now, would you?  As I’m still de-bugging my latest cyber attack, I’ve put “Outlook” into quarantine (make of that what you will!), but I hope I’ve managed to find a way around it via Word and gmail (prayers offered to St Anthony patron of hopeless causes).  Anyway, enough wittering; on with the info.  Quite why I delude myself that you might be interested, is beyond me really.

Attached as a pdf is the What’s On Spring brochure, or if you don’t like pdf you can read it here:

As you know there are other services throughout Lent, other than Mothering Sunday and the Holy Week services!!  Please note the extra Holy Week services being led by the Chemin Neuf community (pg8) GOOD NEWS the Holy Saturday Vigil is back, after a five year break, no less!!  I’m a bit confused that we appear to be having Eucharist on Holy Saturday, and sadly it is not choral, although there will be music; but at least a Vigil service will be held at 8:30pm on Holy Saturday, which can only be good news.

Getting back to this week’s events: I do know that there is a massive conference on at the Conference centre (hosted by Sir Richard Branson), and I believe that they’re having a dinner in the Cathedral at some point, which may or may not mean that Evensong translates to the Lady Chapel.  I’ll try and make enquiries and let you know.  Apart from that, I believe everything is as normal this week.  Stand by for the inevitable erratum!

For those who have asked about Bert Poole’s funeral: this will take place on Wednesday, 14th March 2:30 at St Paul’s Church, Formosa Drive, Fazakerley L10 7LB.  I understand that St Paul’s has some connection with the British Legion, which is why the funeral is being held there and not at the Cathedral.  If there is to be any subsequent memorial service at the Cathedral, I will of course, let you know.

A reminder that Food For the Journey has been postponed, but it is hoped to put it on at some point in the near future, Canon Jules having already completed the lectures. Please don’t turn up on Friday or Saturday except of course, to attend Evensong.  Apropos of which, we have a new Steward who is helping with Saturday Evensong.  So welcome to Tobi Olabanji, and many thanks for his good work last Saturday.  He’s much better than me (ok not difficult), which meant that far more visitors were persuaded (mostly by Tobi) to participate in the service.

Saturday 17th March is St Patrick’s day and my parent’s 56th wedding anniversary, which I mention only because we will be having our first “tree” wedding…as in “we saw Kate & William have trees in the abbey and they looked AMAZING, so can we have some?”  Should be interesting.  I hope the happy couple will be just that, and for as long as my parents.

Sunday 18th March is Mothering Sunday, so book fast if you intend taking your Mum to the Welsford for the £10 Mothering Sunday Special Lunch (with free pressie for Mum), as places are selling out fast.  If you’re coming to the service then I can tell you that the setting is one new to the Cathedral, being a Missa Brevis by Jonathon Dove (tricky organ part!), the Motet is For the beauty of the earth Rutter (Ho Hum), and the preacher is Professor Gerald Pillay, Cathedral Lecturer and Vice Chancellor of Hope University. Evensong brings a return of Canon John Roberts to the pulpit, the Canticles are every chorister’s favourite Gibbons Second Service (quite why I’m not sure but tis so), Introit is Locus Iste Rose, and the Anthem O Saviour of the World Ousely (Holy week obviously drawing near)

Sunday is also the opening race of the mass trundle season… those of you who have been kind enough to subscribe to this list for some time, will know that this is usually a cue for me enter into rant mode, not unconnected to my inability to leave the house due to the aforementioned mass trundlers…Well I’m holding off, just this once mind.  Why?  Well young Ceredig Katternach-Chell, baby Tenor of the Cathedral Lay Clerks is not only participating in the Liverpool half marathon, complete with very dodgy knee, but is doing so in aid of the Organ Appeal…. So do please give generously, which you can do by visiting his JustGiving page:
You can also make a text code donation: Please text LCCC99 £xx (where xx is 1,2,3,4,5,10) to 70070

So if you didn’t get last week’s stop press Pew Notes, Our Dean Designate is Revd Canon Dr Peter (Pete) Wilcox, currently Canon Chancellor of Litchfield, where the problem is randy ducks rather than noisy dive bombing Peregrine Falcons. Clearly every Cathedral has a bird problem! You can see a video of Canon Peter’s speech here:

Given the continuing problems with my cyber stalker, I’m also going to put the Pew Notes up on my website. This way even if all email fails, you should still be able to find them there. I’ll aim to have them up each Monday.

Best Wishes


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