Preachers for the Sunday After Ascension Day


First my apologies for the total cock up over the Ascension Day Eucharist. If you attended just in time to sing the last couple of verses of the final hymn, my apologies. This service has never really had a fixed time, and has in the past been held at either 5:30 and/or 6:30. I believed it to be at the later time, as that was the time given on the termly music schedule, and was a time confirmed to me by a highly placed person with inside knowledge. Still, my apologies none the less. As you can imagine, I was less than chuffed to receive a text timed at 5:46 saying that the service had started fifteen minutes earlier…and me still in my scruff!


Anyway, the Preachers for this coming Sunday, the Sunday After Ascension Day are as follows:

Eucharist    Rev Canon Richard White, Canon for Mission & Evangelsim Liverpool Cathedral

            Music, sung by the boy choristers and Lay Clerks

Setting: Langlais Messe Solenelle

Psalm: 97

    Motet: Ascendit Deus – Philips


Evensong    Rev Canon Dr Ian Lovett, Co-ordinator of Sector Ministry, Diocese of Liverpool

            Introit: Ubi Caritas – Duruflé

Versicles &Responses: Smith

Psalm: 68

Canticles: Murrill in E

Anthem: God is gone up – Finzi






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