Dean Justin on current situation in Nigeria


The Dean of Liverpool, Very Rev Justin Welby, having finally returned via camel train to Timbuktu from his unexpectedly Eyjafjallajökull prolonged stay in Nigeria, will give a talk on the current situation there. As he said "I had considered the possibility that I might be delayed by being shot, kidnapped, arrested etc, but Icelandic volcanoes did not feature in my risk assessment". As you can see he had a warm welcome when he got there! [sorry folks for some reason can’t upload picture…you’ll have to imagine lots of large men, armed to the teeth with AK47s and bullet bandanas, giving The Dean a "warm" welcome!] 

Anyway, I feel sure there’ll be lots to learn, and more "interesting" photos. Actually it sounds as though the situation in and around Jos was pretty grim.

The Talk will take place on May 9th (Sunday) after Evensong, in the Radcliffe Learning Centre (first floor of the tower, lift available) and last about forty minutes.

Apologies for the gratuitous use of the word "Eyjafjallajökull" but having learned to spell it, it’s hard to resist taking every opportunity to use it! And yes I did make up the bit about the Camels, but can’t help but feel The Dean would have arrived back sooner had he taken that option!

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