Preachers for the Fifth Sunday After Easter

Some people have queried the lexicon in use on this blog. Well all I can say is you haven’t been following it for long!! This blog has no truck with Common Worship, thus Sunday May 9th, is in

accordance with BCP the Fifth Sunday after Easter and NOT the Sixth as claimed by CW. The clue CW is in the title After Easter, thus in order for a Sunday to be AFTER Easter, Easter needs to have occurred. So counting as CW does, Easter Sunday as the first Sunday AFTER Easter is…well daft. Given that CW doesn’t recognise Choral Evensong it also leads to the stupid situation of Eucharist being said to be the Sixth Sunday After Easter but Evensong being the Fifth, following BCP…Wake up at the back there!! So, in order to keep things neat, traditional, and simples this blog will continue to number the Sundays after Easter from Low Sunday, and start Christmas on Christmas Eve and not the day after Advent Sunday. Will stop now and have a lie down, can feel a rant coming on.


So, as I was saying…The preachers for the FIFTH Sunday After Easter are as follows:


Eucharist:        Rev Fran Lovett, Chaplain of Liverpool Cathedral

                   Music is as follows and will be sung by the Girl Choristers and Lay Clerks

                  Setting: Walton Missa Brevis

Psalm: 67

Motet: Love Bade me welcome – R. Vaughan Williams


 Annual service for Health Care Professionals

Evensong        Professor Dame Ilora Finlay, Professor of Palliative Care, University of Cardiff

            Music is as follows and will be sung by the Girl Choristers and Lay Clerks

            Introit: Surrexit Christus – Scheidt

Psalm: 126

Canticles: Noble in A minor

Anthem: O Sing unto the Lord – Purcell












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