Palm Sunday & Holy Week (part one)




Two whole things to remember for tomorrow, Palm Sunday… to make things very hard for the congregation of the faithful!!


FIRST: DON’T FORGET TO PUT YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD ONE HOUR, or come to church at 9:30 if you can’t find the instruction book for how to re-set your alarm clock!


SECONDLY: Mass trundle season is under way! It’s too early for me to achieve sufficient head of steam for a rant about this, so please see previous numerous posts on the subject. Suffice it to say that it is the Liverpool Half Marathon tomorrow; yes it will mean road closures around the Cathedral; yes it will yet again start 250 yards from my front door; yes you should allow extra time (especially of you forgot to put your clocks forward!) if you either live in, or pass through the South of the city or the city centre.


Always provided that you have survived the above, herewith the details for the services for Palm Sunday:


Eucharist With Procession Of Palms:     The Palm Sunday Gospel will be given instead of a sermon. The music is as follows:

                                Setting: Mass for four voices – William Byrd

                                Motets: Hosanna to the Son of David – Orlando Gibbons

                                 Ave Verum Corpus – William Byrd

                                 Cruxifixus – Alessando Lotti    


Evensong:                The Preacher is Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB who will preach on "Jesus the Saviour – St Luke’s Gospel"

                    Canticles: The Short Service – Orlando Gibbons

                    Anthem – Hosanna to the Son of David – Orlando Gibbons    



Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB Will give a series of Addresses for Holy week at 6pm, followed by the service of Compline

Monday         "A Meditation on the Last Supper & Eucharist"

Tuesday        "The Hours of Jesus – St John’s Passion"

Wednesday    "Looking Forward to the Resurrection"

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