Music for Passiontide at Liverpool Cathedral


There are ttwo major musical events during Passiontide at the Cathedral.

First up is:


Come And Sing Stainer’s Crucifixion

20 March 2010

Once again we present an excellent opportunity to sing a magnificent piece in the splendid setting of Liverpool Cathedral under the expert direction of the Cathedral’s Music Director, David Poulter, and accompanied by the Organist Titulaire, Ian Tracey.

 Rehearsal at 6pm

Performance 8pm




"Participating in the Come and Sing "The Crucifixion" at Liverpool Cathedral must be like an amateur football player would feel if they were invited to play at Anfield or Goodison Park!


Come and Sing events are very enjoyable and popular giving amateur singers the opportunity to sing at venues where local choirs would not normally perform and with very experienced and professional musicians and conductors.


"The Crucifixion" was a brilliant and awe inspiring experience. Liverpool Cathedral in the early evening with the light through the windows gradually darkening formed a fitting atmosphere to the piece.


We learnt a great deal from the conductor, David Poulter, who brought out the meaning of the words of "The Crucifixion" which is sometimes lost when concentrating on the technicalities of the music. He also helped us to improve our diction and convey the passion of the piece and we felt that we had gained in confidence when we returned to our own choir practice the following week. The accompaniment by Ian Tracey and the two soloists were also superb.


Thank you to the Music Department for their work in organising the event. Having been involved in promoting our local choir concerts I can appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes". PAT BEESLEY


Tickets £5 on the door or £5 for singers on application.



To take part download and return the
application form


Singers will need to bring their own score and here you
download the instructions
on how to mark it.


For more details contact David Poulter on 0151 702 7240 or


This wouldn’t be this website, without a seasoning of sarcasm attempting to pass for wit: Sir Malcolm Sergeant upon being asked "Have you heard about Stainer’s Crucifixion Sir Malcolm?" responded (allegedly) "Not before time, dear boy"


So if Victorian melodrama is not for you, or even if it is, why not try the second of our major events: After all we’ve only waited three years to sing it!!


Yes folks, loyal readers will remember that this blog has waxed long and occasionally lyrically, on the topic of the Cathedral’s failure to stage a performance of either of J S Bach’s settings of the Passion. Ok know-all’s please don’t email me to point out that in fact he wrote five…we know he did, but we also know that only two of them are regularly performed, and I’d be VERY interested to hear of anyone who has a recording of the St Luke… as even the interspider web thingy draws a blank on that one.


So, enough of the waffle: facts, we need facts:

Passion according to St John J S Bach

Liverpool Cathedral Chamber Choir & Orchestra Directed by David Poulter Director of Music Liverpool Cathedral

(Leader: Judith Van Ingen)

Peter Bates, Evangelist

Damian O’Keeffe, Christus

Gillian Winstanley, Soprano

Heather Hull, Alto,

Stuart Keen, Tenor

David Williams, Bass 

Eve of Palm Sunday i.e. Saturday, March 27th at 7:30

Tickets a bargain £10 for the performance. There is a pre Concert supper available for which you must pre book, which is equally good value at £10. So £20 will get you excellent food AND excellent music, not bad in these credit crunch times.

According to the Cathedral website:

"A moving and poignant experience

On the eve of Palm Sunday the Chamber and Orchestra of Liverpool Cathedral present one of J S Bach’s greatest settings of the passion story.

St John’s description of the crucifixion is presented by Bach as a drama in which treachery, injustice, vindictiveness and mob-violence each play their part. The events narrated by the evangelist are interspersed with reflective responses from the soloists and chorus."

Tickets available now at the Cathedral shop on 0151 702 7255 or on line at








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