Lent Events Part 2


This week at the Cathedral sees a number of events connected with Lent. No surprise there then; it is a Cathedral, and it is Lent.


First up on Wednesday, March 10th is no: 4 in the Bishop of Liverpool’s Lent series of talks "The world today – through the eyes of Jesus", which this week is on suffering. Turn out continues to be good as Bishop James Jones uses the Gospel according to St John as his foundation for a series of reflections on Our Lord’s relevance to today’s society. 7:30 in the main Cathedral.

As yet, have not managed to find out why we’re using St John, possibly the most difficult of the four authorised Gospels in the Canon (Yes, there are others, St Thomas and St Peter to name but two….St Thomas definitely worth a read), but if I manage to obtain an answer, I shall post the reasoning here. Watch this space as they say.



This is another in the series "Just Reconciliation", and follows the superb lecture given by General Sir Rupert Smith last month, which will appear as an mp3 on this site, just as soon as I get around to editing it.

According to the Cathedral’s website "The lecture is based on the book ‘The White House’, which is a harrowing and moving account of the aftermath of the disintegration of a region into vicious civil war.  All human reactions are to be found in this story of Omarska: embedded bitterness; indifference; hypocrisy as well as renewal and hope for reconciliation.

Rev Donald Reeves is the founder and director of the Soul of Europe. A former Rector of St James’ Piccadilly, the Soul of Europe’s aim is to help people realise Nelson Mandela’s words: "If you want to make peace do not speak to your friends, speak with your enemies" http://www.soulofeurope.org

He has been working in Bosnia since 2000,and is now engaged in establishing a peace building process in Kosovo. He is a Visiting Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University in Peace Studies. In 2008 he was awarded an MBE for ‘interfaith work and peace-building’ in Bosnia. "

There will be a short reception at 6:15 with drinks, and the lecture will start at 7 pm. Venue will be the Concert Room (downstairs at the North end of the Western Rooms)

Why not arrive early, and experience the joys of Choral Evensong? Music includes Canticles by Byrd being his Fauxbourdons setting, and if you don’t know what a fauxbourdon is see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fauxbourdon for an explanation! The Anthem will be that much beloved of brides everywhere, more I suspect for the cute chorister singing the solo, than the actual words which are more suited to Communion: Panis Angelicus by Caesar Frank.

Meanwhile, throughout the Cathedral, the major exhibition ‘ICONS IN TRANSFORMATION’ BY LUDMILA PAWLOWSKA continues to run in various spaces within the Cathedral until MARCH 18th 2010. This huge exhibition, containing more than 180 pieces of art ranging in size from less than a foot square, to…well…enormous, is well worth coming to see in it’s own right, or combined with some other visit to the Cathedral. Why not take it in along with one of the above events or before or after a service?

Holy Week. I will post a separate blog for this, but there will be a series of talks for Holy Week given by Dom Henry Wansborough of Ampleforth Abbey, who will also preach at Evensong on Palm Sunday.



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