Preachers for The First Sunday of Epiphany January 10th 2010



Or the Baptism of Christ, which is just as inaccurate, given that we celebrated the Feast of Epiphany three days early, last Sunday, and the Orthodox Church celebrate it on Epiphany, which is also their Christmas….keep up at the back there!! Anyway….. Whatever this Sunday, January 10th is (apart from being the day after my birthday)….the Preachers are as follows:



Eucharist                Rev Canon Myles Davies, Canon Precentor of Liverpool Cathedral



Choral Evensong        Rev Canon Anthony Hawley, Canon Treasurer of Liverpool Cathedral


Hopefully both these services will be Choral. Mass setting is Schubert in G with the Communion motet "The Lord Bless You & Keep You" by John Rutter, and the Evensong setting being Stanford in C; Introit "Lord for thy tender mercies sake" Hilton, and Anthem "Lo, Star led Chiefs" by Crotch. Snow seems to have prevented the choir from singing since Monday, due I think to those pesky ‘ealth & Safety Elves. However there will be an Evensong this afternoon, so I can only assume normal service has resumed. Watch this space!


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