Christmas At The Cathedral….


Yes folks it is now finally Christmas….Well Christmas Eve, so Advent over for another year. Where did that go? Only seems like last week we were having the Advent procession. So what’s left worship wise at the Cathedral?


3pm today, Christmas Eve there is a short Carol service, which is very family friendly, and quite short (about 45 minutes)


11:30 pm is the First Mass (Communion for the Low Church amongst you) of Christmas. The Mass setting is Schubert in G, the Communion Motet is O magnum mysterium, by Morten Lauridsen with lots of traditional carols too. Sung by the Cathedral Chamber Choir. The Preacher will not be The Dean this year, but Rev Canon Richard White the Canon Missioner (ok Canon for Mission & Evangelism to give him his full title). I have seen the text of this sermon, and it’s a good one so well done Richard; not an easy service to preach at, and thank you for such a prompt delivery of the text, which I will post as soon as the service is over for all of you still up at 1:30 in the morning!


10:30am Christmas Day sees Rt Rev James Jones preaching and The Dean Presiding. Those of you who have enquired about the absence of sermons from Bishop James, should know that there are copyright reasons why they can’t appear here. Some are available on the Diocese of Liverpool website as texts and some as podcasts


December 27th the services will be sung by the Liverpool Choral Scholars. Canon Michael Wolfe will preach at Eucharist…..I have no idea at present who is preaching in the afternoon, but if I do discover it I shall let you know.


January 3rd 2010 (EEEK!) will feature the last of the Cathedral Carol Services, with Carols for Epiphany.

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