Advent Sunday – From Darkness to Light Time Change


The Advent processional Carol Service, "From Darkness to Light" is probably, well in my opinion anyway, the most beautiful and spiritual of all the Cathedral Carol Services (and we have a fair few to choose from). However, it hasn’t escaped notice, that the title was probably an offence under the Trade Description Act, since a more accurate title might have been "From sort of not quite dusk to light (artificial)". So, in a bid to make the service do what it says on the tin….some very clever person had the very bright idea of well….. moving the service time back so that it would actually start in darkness. Doh! Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

If you’ve not been to this service before, it consists of the choir and clergy moving in procession from the West to the East of the Cathedral, whilst singing, well the Choir anyway, Advent motets and anthems. The service starts in darkness, and as the procession moves through the Cathedral, Candles and lights are lit to symbolise the coming of Christ as light of the world.


So….New time…..5:30pm……Date November 29th…..Venue Liverpool Cathedral


Information about the other Advent and Christmas services will follow soon. And yes I am being pedantic about the fact that all "Christmas" carol services, with the exception of the one on Christmas Eve, are actually taking place in Advent…someone has to maintain standards round here!!

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