Preachers for the Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity, September 27th

So here we are the Autumn Equinox is upon us, September is almost at an end…….and we’ve reached the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity, just four more Sunday’s after Trinity to go (Well according to Common Worship’s calendar anyway). It’s also “Back to Church” Sunday, so bring a relative, a friend; better still how about bringing someone you’re not so friendly with, in dispute, cross with? You know, the neighbour who plays Matt Redman at high volume day and night, and who’s tambourine is out of tune! Only kidding, but it’s a thought…. Why not offer an olive branch to a former friend or family member you’ve had a disagreement with, and where better to do it than in Church? Anyone thinking “why not the pub?” is not entering into the spirit of this Blog!


Preachers For the Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity are as follows:



Eucharist                   Rt Rev James Jones, Bishop Of Liverpool




Evensong                    Rev Canon Anthony Hawley, Canon Treasurer of Liverpool Cathedral

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