Pew Notes & Queries for September 25th

As promised, some further Pew Notes & Queries.


STOP PRESS: Tomorrow’s Evensong (Friday September 25th) will be in the Lady Chapel due to the main Cathedral being used for a rehearsal for Saturday’s concert (see previous pew note)


First a reminder that this coming Sunday is “Back To Church” Sunday, in which you’re encouraged to encourage a friend, relative, neighbour who maybe hasn’t darkened a Church porch since the last family funeral, wedding, christening, to come and see what they’re missing. Now….. here’s a petit pense… about inviting your former best mate that you’re currently on no speaks with because of that unfortunate incident at cousin Aida’s wedding; or the annoying neighbour who insists on playing their entire collection of Matt Redman (insert alternative annoying music here) at full volume and at all hours, or even the mother in law? Why not bring them back to church?


“Loss of Innocence”  is an exhibition of art created by the children of Gaza, who have used painting and drawing as a means of expressing their emotions and experiences during the twenty two days in January this year, when1.25 million people were shelled, shot, bombed with phosphorous, and had their homes systematically destroyed. Over 1400 children lost at least one parent, and 300+ children were killed. This very moving exhibition, which runs from September 26th to October 6th, is their story.  You can find more information here:


Charity News. Karl Starkey’s Dad  Alan is hoping to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain in order to raise money for the children’s hospice Claire House. This despite Alan himself having suffered a very serious industrial injury in which his left hand was almost severed, leaving a legacy of almost constant neurological pain. He would like as many people as possible to support him in his campaign to raise 19340.00 pounds sterling (this being the height of Mount Kilimanjaro 19340 ft) this is a mammoth task, but hopefully I can achieve it with your support. To donate in pounds sterling, please visit  alternatively to donate in euros please use Bankinter  Account  A.Starkey  IBAN ES37 0128 0595 8701 0000 8153 and mark your donation Kilimanjaro. Please give what you can for this fantastic and much needed cause. For more information please contact Alan @

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