Archbishop Of Canterbury’s USA National Convention speach on Globel Economics



The Global Economic Crisis Forum


Who says this blog is parochial? Hot news Just in from our stateside reporter, embedded at the Episcopal General Convention in Anaheim California is that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Revd Dr Rowan Williams gave an impassioned and brilliant address to the Convention Tuesday July 8th. Only problem is that so far, all attempts to download it to the media player have failed! However, undaunted we have searched high and low, and until we are able to provide it directly, you can watch it for yourselves by following this link:


It will not take you to it directly, but if you then select the "On Demand" feature on the right hand side of the page, you will see a number of thumbnail photos. Scroll down until you find a photo of Archbishop Rowan, and then move your mouse over it. If it says "July 8th -Global economic Forum" you have the right clip. Just double click and you will open the rather clunky flash player. Unfortunately it is not possible (or at least I haven’t been able) to fast forward through the toe curling intro, but be patient and all shall be revealed.


Our roving correspondent also reports that the Papal Encyclical referred to by The Archbishop at the start of his lecture, is well worth a read. Entitled "Caritas In Veritate" Charity in truth (or love in truth for NSV readers) it is the Holy Father’s first official statement on economic issues. You can download it from this link:


You can also read The Archbishop’s Sermon by following this link:

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams offered a mediation during the July 9 Eucharist at the Episcopal Church’s 76th General Convention in Anaheim, California. The video stream will be available on-demand at the Media Hub. See link above



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