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FCA…..For when the good do nothing, this is what you get. 



I do try to avoid personal statements on this blog, as although it is my blog, it’s prime purpose is simply to provide information in an hopefully, objective manner. So my apologies in advance for this post, but I’m afraid there are times when to say nothing is to appear to acquiesce in the unacceptable face of my faith.


In the light of the (well for me anyway) depressing sight of today’s launch of the FCA, the so called "Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans", I offer this thought:


‘Dignitatis humanae eximia ratio in vocatione hominis ad communionem cum Deo consistit. Ad colloquium cum Deo iam inde ab ortu suo invitatur homo: non enim exsistit, nisi quia, a Deo ex amore creatus, semper ex amore conservatur; nec plene secundum veritatem vivit, nisi amorem illum libere agnoscat et Creatori suo se committat’


As someone who is both Anglican, and a regular at confession, I "confess" to being more than a little cross with these antediluvian bigots presuming to “represent” my faith in this way. As we all hold ourselves created in GOD’s image, and created by HIM in love, I cannot accept that there is any room for such narrow minded, holier than thou, exclusivity in a universal catholic church. I mean who are they "in Fellowship" with, given that the rest of the world is in grave error according to them? What are they confessing to, other than an unreasoned dislike of anything failing to conform to their own narrow interpretation of the scriptures? Surely such exclusivity is to negate everything that an Anglican would affirm, in terms of Our LORD dying and rising in glory to save all sinners, not just those "in the right".


Apologies…rant over…normal service will be resumed shortly.


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