Notes from the pews

Choral Evensong tomorrow, Tuesday July 7th  will be sung by the choir of St. Margaret’s School, Aigburth.


I have no information at present as to what the setting or anthem is, so if anyone has this information, please could they let me have it, and I can make it available.


The Dean’s sermon given at Evensong yesterday is available in text and MP3 format…… so there! Seriously, it was a huge relief that we’ve now managed to record via the Cathedral sound system, from both the radio and static mics, and from three different locations. Whether podcasting the sermons becomes a regular feature or just the occasional one off for special occasions, is yet to be decided. Obviously if it does become a regular thing I’ll advise accordingly.  My view, for what it’s worth, is that the live recording enables a more immediate response, whilst the written text is more accessible from a study/more in depth point of view. It would be very helpful if people who are making use of the sermons and podcasts, could let me know how useful they find the various formats to be.Either email me at or leave a message in the guestbook.  Hopefully once the Cathedral’s website is re vamped, all sermons is a variety of formats will be available there.

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