Canon Andrew White Podcasts from June 28th


Phew!! and even Wow!! Pour Quoi? Well the former exclamation represents how Tracey & I felt as we watched the recording meter on the Cathedral sound system spring into life, right on cue as Canon White started his sermon on Sunday morning. The latter represents how we felt having heard the said sermon; what a truly inspirational human being. 


What was even more impressive was that he spoke, with passion and enthusiasm for over twenty minutes, without notes, and managed to hold the whole Cathedral totally spell bound…you could have heard a pin drop.  His suggestion to re-locate the Cathedral to Baghdad so that he could fit his 3,000 strong congregation in at one service, was tempered by his caustic comments on the art work in the nave! When he repeated the criticism in his lecture later in the day, he received a vigorous round of applause!! Chapter please take note!! For once, even The Dean found it hard to get a word in edgeways!


Should you wish to hear Canon White, here’s how:

·       Scroll down this page until you reach the “Sky Drive”

·         Select the file “Podcasts”, and click to open

·         Select the sub file ”Canon Andrew White” and click to open

·         Select from the three MP3 files and click to open

·         Click again and select open from the options

·         File will then download and open; this may take some time depending on which programme you are using as  a media file. I have found it slowest in Windows, ok in Real Player and fastest in iTunes (now there’s a surprise!). Will open whether you’re using Windows or Mac operating systems. It should open in Linux but I haven’t tested it.


The Dean made an impassioned plea for support for Canon White’s work in Baghdad, which is wholly funded by voluntary contributions. The congregation and audience at the service and lecture on Sunday responded most generously. Should you having heard the podcasts, wish to do the same, please contact me by email for details of how you can do so.

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