News from the Pews Week of June 22nd

Just a few notes and reminders for what promises to be a busy week in the Cathedral, even if all the clergy (well most of them) are yomping over the Derbyshire peaks on their quinquennial group hug. Actually it’s a very serious conference, but the mental image of a group of clerics paintballing and white water rafting in their dog collars is so much more irresistible.


·         Should have maintained the “who can get their sermon on the site first” competition, since The Dean and The Archdeacon managed to send them within five seconds of each other…my maths is insufficient to work out the spread betting odds on such an occurrence. Both sermons can now be found below filed under Trinity.

·         The choir of St Peter’s College Oxford arrive on Thursday and will be singing Evensong that night. The Cathedral Choir will join them for the service on Friday and Sunday.

·         There is no Evensong on Saturday due to the WAC ATTACK, which is a very varied day of activities organised by The Archdeacon of Warrington and described as a “family fun day”. Activities include climbing wall, owl displays, face painting crafts, indoor bowls. Fantastic day out for the whole family! Local steel and brass bands will be playing throughout the day along with local Laudimus Choir. This is an event intended for the Warrington Parishes, but am sure you can have a look.

·         Saturday 7:30 is the charity concert “Hallelujah”, with the choir of St Peter’s and the Cathedral choir Tickets cost £15 which includes strawberries and fizz afterwards.

·         Canon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad is preaching at Eucharist  the Third Sunday after Trinity, June 28th. He is also giving a lecture in the Lady Chapel at 4:30. Arrive early to ensure a seat (free)

·         At 7:30 June 28th Dream in The Cathedral will also take place in the Lady Chapel  see previous blog for details.


So just another ordinary week really!!

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