Just a note to let everyone know that we now have every sermon given in the Cathedral between Easter Sunday and Pentecost available below in the Sermons file. We are now starting the Trinity file, which already has yesterday afternoon’s sermon by Canon John Roberts. Just have to figure out how to lay hands on the Bishop of Liverpool’s as given at yesterday’s Ordination..


Very many thanks indeed to all those who have preached, for their help and cooperation with this. It is obvious from the many requests from people asking how they can access the sermons, together with some very kind and encouraging comments, that the provision of sermon texts is something there is a need for, and that people are finding very useful.  Would be wonderful if we could find an unobtrusive and non invasive way of recording them all, so as to enable them to be available as podcasts. Inevitably, and quite rightly, the texts cannot convey the full flavour and fervour with which the sermon was actually given, and of course the inevitable extemporisation as the Spirit moves the preacher. Should anyone have any ideas about how we could make an audio file available as a regular service, please contact me ASAP.


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