Major Arts Event in The Cathedral this week




  • 16 May 2009
  • Venue: Liverpool Cathedral
  • Time: 12.00pm

Bells - full peal from top viewBell ringing Record (08)Imagine – Cleo Evans 

A premiere recital and reinterpretation of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ using the bells of Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral and produced by artist Cleo Evans in collaboration with local change ringers. Performance times 12 noon, 12.30pm and 1.00pm.
As part of the Imagine experience, after the final bell ringing at 1:00pm the Putting the I into Imagine competition is being launched in the main space of the Cathedral. There will be an exciting performance featuring some of the most innovative young people’s groups in Liverpool at the moment, including MD Productions who are well known to many for their successful appearances on Britain’s Got Talent and the MTV EMA awards. Beatlife (a Liverpool based percussion group that create an international sound combining Afro-Brazilian and Cuban grooves with modern beats) and Dan Bishop and the Cathedral’s own Overcrofters will also be performing. For one day only there will be an exhibition of Anthony Brown’s Imagine portraits.
Anyone is welcome, so just pop in after the last ringing off the bells and be inspired by some of the most talented young people in Liverpool!

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