Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Reverentia Culpa

Thought I’d try and get all the apologies for last week out of the way in one blog post; sadly there seem to be quite a few of them.


1.       Sorry to all those in Evensong on Saturday.  I’m really sorry my phone went off during the Responses. I know it is no excuse to say I forgot I had it with me; no defence that it was a work related call; and absolutely no mitigation to point out that at least the ring tone was ecclesiastical in nature, especially as there is no place for a Te Deum in a service of Choral Evensong.  As I write, I await in trepidation the imposition of the “Severe penance” as promised by the Canon Treasurer and Canon Precentor.

2.       Sorry to the Canon Jeremy Duff and Canon Linda Jones. I’m very sorry if my obviously flawed intelligence on the subject of yesterday’s preachers led to panic stricken last minute sermon writing; having erroneously advised that both the above were preaching, when they weren’t, at least not at the Cathedral.

3.       Sorry to Canon John Roberts and Canon Paul Nener. In my defence I was not the only one to get Sunday’s preachers 100% wrong; the forward music list (my source) also failed to list either Canon Roberts or Canon Nener, and it was the same story in the “Tomorrow’s Church Services” column of the Daily Telegraph.  Still apologies to both for not advising that they were preaching. Must do better this week; enquiries to verify next Sunday’s preachers are underway as I type.

4.       The Mass Trundle. Much to my surprise this passed off without too much disruption, so thanks to the Council for finally taking on board the concerns of the residents of South Liverpool. Hopefully this will continue  to be the case for the remaining mass trundles of the season, of which there appear to be more than ever.

5.       Anyone else that I should have apologised to for acts and/or omissions.

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