Late arrival at the reconciliation ball.



Sorry All!! Power connector on lap top went to the big Maplins in the sky last week, so rather a lot of news to catch up with.


First; apologies to Canon Jeremy Duff and David Poulter, for failing to remind people about respectively, the start of Canon Jeremy’s “Unwrapping The Service” series, which started yesterday with a very interesting look at the Lord’s prayer; and David’s Spring Bank holiday recital, which I’m just about to go to!! Apologies to both.


Also apologies to Dean Justin for very late reminder of his lecture in the “Just Reconciliation” series, which takes place in the Concert room tomorrow May 5th at 6:30 p.m. . Dean Justin will be explaining how to bring the bad guys on


board in trying to achieve reconciliation between communities.  His lecture is entitled “Standing alongside the perpetrators”.


I will endeavour to catch up with more notice on my return from the recital…..Watch this space!

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