Good News from Rome!

Not often I have cause for using this site for personal comment twice in one week, but this is one of them. So at risk of being accused of: a) repetition, b) name dropping, being  c) hopelessly partisan, and d) a chippy Scouser……..





The announcement by the Holy See of the appointment of The Archbishop of Birmingham, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols to be the  new Archbishop of Westminster, in succession to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, must have Catholics of both Roman and Anglican persuasion heaving sighs of relief, if not shouting their glee from the roof tops!!


And the Liverpool connection? Well, the new Archbishop is an old boy of SFX and first drew attention to himself as a priest to watch for the future, whilst working in Toxteth.  Alleged ambitions notwithstanding, he was never anything but helpful and courteous, and of course, being Scouse, ever ready for a laugh.  Who could forget his delighted reaction to the news that the Holy Father, upon seeing the Revd Ian Paisley leading a protest, had leaned out of the Popemobile and pronounced a blessing on the Ulster firebrand?


Just hope he doesn’t follow Cherie Blair’s example, of claiming working class poverty from the same leafy early years in that bastion of inner city deprevation…Crosby. Curiously enough a small suburb that can already lay claim to having produced a former Archbishop of Canterbury in Robert Runcie..must be something in the water!


So the Bishop of Rochester on his way out and a sensible Vatican appointment..all this and it’s not even Holy Week yet!!!

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