Just Reconciliation


Just Reconciliation

A series of lectures based on a book being edited by Justin Welby and John Elford, general editor of "New International Studies in Applied Ethics". Lectures start in Cathedral concert room after Evensong – finish 7:45pm.

John Elford is General Editor of the series ‘New International Studies in Applied Ethics’ for the publisher Peter Lang. One forthcoming volume in that series is ‘Just Reconciliation’ which he is co-editing with the Dean of Liverpool, Justin Welby. The series of Cathedral lectures under that title will be given by some of the people contributing to the book.

John Elford 9 March 2009 – ‘War, Just War and Reconciliation.’

John Elford will look at Christian attitudes to pacifism and war and discuss how the tradition of the ‘Just War’ needs to be developed to embrace reconciliation activities in areas of post-conflict social reconstruction.

John Elford is now Visiting Professor of Ethics at Leeds Metropolitan University and was a Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral 1994-2004.

Marc Ellis 16 March 2009 – ‘Judaism does not equal Israel: Christianity Does not Equal Christianity? Reflections on the Re-birth of the Prophetic.’

Marc Ellis is University Professor of American and Jewish Studies and Director of the Centre for Jewish Studies at Baylor University, Texas U.S.A. In January 2008, Professor Ellis was elected to the Board of the Society of Jewish Ethics in Atlanta, Georgia. Professor Ellis has lectured widely in the Middle East, South America and the United States and divides his time between writing, speaking, and teaching. His support for Palestinian interests in Arab-Israeli relations has been a notable feature of his thinking. His most recent book, ‘Reading the Torah Out Loud’ is available from Fortress Press.

Next Lecture: Dean Justin Welby 5 May 2009

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