News from the Pews 3

Still recovering from 23 people attending an unaccompanied Men’s voices Evensong, in the Lady Chapel, on a Friday night, when it’s raining the proverbial companion animals!  As if that was not enough, eight were visitors, of whom five were under twenty five.  Could we be in danger of becoming cool?
News for Sunday….. Situation in Congo and flights permitting, Sunday Eucharist will see Dean Justin back in the Pulpit…… Spread betting on him opening with "As I passed the $50 bribe to the border guard to let me enter Congo, I did wonder if it was money well spent", is now closed after a suspiciously large amount of cash was wagered from an address in the Cathedral Close!!
Sunday afternoon is a joint Evensong with the Metropolitan Cathedral as a grand finale to the week of Christain Unity. The Sermon/Homily will be given by Fr. Andrew Robinson, who shares a passion for dangerous places with Dean Justin…after all he’s just returned from surviving nine years in the Vatican jungle. Just don’t get him started!!
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